Regulatory Reference

Streamline regulatory research and ensure products can be manufactured, shipped and sold in intended markets.

Leverage Regulatory Insight to Make Better Business Decisions

You can rely on 3E™ for access to centralized, comprehensive, value added global regulatory and scientific information and tools to save time and increase compliance. Our award winning regulatory reference tools eliminate the need to research and reference regulations from multiple sources scattered across numerous websites and published in a variety of formats.


SDS Chemical Compliance Management Solutions

  • Proactively anticipate and manage regulatory changes
  • Respond quickly to changing customer requirements
  • Ensure Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels are compliant
  • Protect workers and downstream customers
  • Avoid supply chain disruption
  • Accelerate time to market

3E Insight for Chemicals

Research and track how chemicals and substances are regulated throughout the world. 3E Insight™ for Chemicals covers topics from chemical and biological weapons, classification and labeling, controlled drugs, cosmetics, personal care, food contact and pharmaceuticals among an ever-growing list of regulations.

  • Identify problematic ingredients early in the product development lifecycle
  • Set up alerts for changes to regulations impacting products
  • Verify products can be manufactured, transported and distributed in intended markets
  • Fulfill supplier questionnaires and suitability assessments
  • Select greener or safer alternatives

3E Insight for Food

For flavor and food and beverage manufacturers, 3E Insight™ for Food enables access to regulations for flavors and food additives across the globe plus international standards like CODEX, JECFA and FEMA. Quickly and easily run compliance checks for ingredients, formulations and products.

  • Check the regulatory status of ingredients in formulations
  • Identify problematic ingredients in multiple jurisdictions
  • Check alternative uses and concentrations
  • Research requirements on labeling, nutritional claims, food ingredient standards and more